The NEW, improved Double Chamfer features a re-designed profile configuration. Only one product is necessary for both top and bottom usage. The new, bottom curvature will straighten out with the weight of the form creating a seal on both sides of the chamfer that provides support and creates a tight seal between the chamfer and the form. When using the chamfer on top, the legs are stapled or nailed to both sides to create a seal and hold the chamfer to the form. Another new feature are the protruding nipples located on the bottom of the chamfer. They guarantee that the seal takes place if the form is not exactly flat.

In tilt-up construction, Double Chamfer is used on common forms of tilt-up panels where chamfered edges are required. It is economical and easy to apply. After the panels are raised the chamfered edges remain free of any needed further finishing. Double Chamfer is constructed with ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors to protect from the sun.


Single Chamfer Bottom... Single chamfer PVC strips can be used on any form where chamfered edges are required. Single chamfer can be used for chamfering around windows and door frames with a single nail on the attachment leg.

Single Chamfer Top... Single chamfer top can be used on the top portion of the form where chamfering can be accomplished without the use of hand tooling afterwards.


21A-DC12 3/4" 1-1/2" 12' 20 pcs. 240'
21A-DC125 3/4" 1-1/4" 12' 25 pcs. 300'
21A-SC (top)   12' 60 pcs. 720'
21A-SC-B (bottom)   12' 60 pcs. 720'