The original ZipStrip control joint is a rigid polystyrene extrusion that creates a straight line, controlled crack on the surface of all on grade slabs. ZipStrip eliminates random cracking in all variations and thicknesses of slabs where a control joint is required. ZipStrip is the economic alternative to saw cutting to create similar straight line surface joints.

ZipStrip is inserted in the concrete when the concrete is still wet, preferably after screeding and tamping. A straight vertical line of weakness is formed where ZipStrip was inserted. The top portion of the ZipStrip is removed leaving the vertical portion in the concrete to form a weakness in the surface of the slab to the ground. The new joint can be tooled with a radiused edger or the surface of the slab can be finished over the top of the joint. As the slab shrinks during the normal curing process a slight straight line separation on the surface of the slab will appear where ZipStrip was inserted.

When panels are poured on top of the floors in tilt up construction where ZipStrip was used, the probability of telegraphed lines on the exterior panels will be minimal eliminating the need for costly repairs.


This PVC rigid profile will provide an extended weakened plane joint when placed directly under the surface control joint (ZipStrip or saw cut). Crack Inducer will successfully crack an oversized, thick on grade slab from the top of the slab to the bottom. (NO. 21-CI-1.5)


21-1X10 1" 3 to 6" 10' 50 pcs. 500
21-1-1/2 X10 1-1/2" 6 to 8" 10' 50 pcs. 500
21-2X10 2" Over 8" thick 10' 50 pcs. 500
21-CI-1.5 (Crack Inducer) 1-1/2" Over 8" thick 10' 35 pcs. 350
Specific lengths available for walkways driveways, pool decks etc. Call customer service for information and pricing.